Art As Therapy


Art has a unique way of becoming a mirror. It shows us what lies beneath and can work at igniting discussion about what exists within and without us. Art can question views and ideologies and create a platform for discourse with those around us. It can transcend verbal expression and sit at the seat of the soul and in that act as a gateway for the inner and outer worlds we exist in. 

Art meets us where we are. On any given day, gazing at a work of art can effect us in different ways. Through the lens of our character, the peace we may be experiencing, the worry we are carrying or the sorrow we may feel, it all colours our perception and cognition. Food always tastes better when we are happy and content. Traffic jams can seem drastic when we are short on time. Art can fill the void of soothing our humanity and all the nuances that come with a life lived. 

Why care about art? How does it relate to my life? There really is only one way to find out. Put yourself in front of it and observe your reactions. That’s where the gold is. 

With much heart,